How to blog?

Monetizing a blog

Do you know what a blog is or what monetizing a blog is? If not you are probably in the right place for I am going to talk about a blog and indeed successful blogging or rather one that enhances power, influence the masses, mobilize resources and so forth. Successful blog of course is one that is content oriented rather than money driven because when one start focusing on the income from blogging, the all idea of content generation will be eroded. Nonetheless, blogging is a very lucrative endeavor. It pays, it empower, touches and influence decision making. Indeed blogging is worth taking. Have you ever wondered how much change you can bring to the society or people around you, be it economically or socially through information sharing thanks to the available media platforms? In most cases it comes with one’s desire to take responsibilities to entrench or steer others to the desired direction along with many other factors.

Blogging is informational website displaying information where writers are able to share their views. Initially, a blog was more of personal diary where people share online for instance sharing ones daily activities, experiences, vacations and so forth. However, with communication, internet revolution, smartphones and laptops people saw an opportunity to communicate any information in a beautiful new way of blogging as well as monetizing their blog.

How to monetize a blog?

There are a handful of ways to monetize a blog, but key is to increase your visibility in search engine. This mean the higher you rank the higher the income. This is possible depending on your plan. After you registered and hosted your domain let’s say in WordPress with a business plan for example you get many features; themes, plugins that will help to design your website.

Google ranking

To rank higher, you have to consistently write quality content. It is also a key to monetize a blog by boosting traffic. Remember you are writing because of passion or desire to take responsibility as I said before and along this you also want to be paid and you will be paid for sure. It however takes sometimes before you are finally able to earn from your blog. But when you start earning it will flow. Google will therefore crawl through your website to look for quality content and if you write consistently your website will be ranked higher in the search engine.

Google Ad sense, Word ads, affiliate program and Email marketing

Google ad sense, word ads, affiliate program and email marketing are some of the tools you will utilize in monetizing a blog. You will be required to sign into these programs and if you follow the above instruction you will qualify to these programs. Every WordPress plan though qualifies for word ads.

You also need to have a straight forward plan with regard to blogging. As much as you have to write about what you like, you should also focus on what you want to achieve. Planning is always good. Set objectives you may want to achieve in the course of time or over a specified period of time. People for instance do not just wake up in the morning and travel since they like doing so, everything should always bring meaning and end product and blogging is no different. This will keep you going and avoid complacency. When you apply for these programs for instant they will review your website. They usually reject websites without enough content, those that are poorly designed and that compromise professionalism of others.

Use a blog as a content marketing tool for your business.

For example if you blog for a business, you rely on customers to keep buying your products and services so you will use blog to help reach these customers and grab their attention. With blogging you are searchable and competitive.